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Postlewaite, Andrew, Itzhak Gilboa, and Larry Samuelson. "Memorable Consumption." Journal of Economic Theory 165 (2016): 414-455. Abstract
Postlewaite, Andrew, George Mailath, and Larry Samuelson. "Buying Locally." International Economic Review 57 (2016): 1179-1200. Abstract
McLean, Richard P., and Andrew Postlewaite. "Implementation with Interdependent Valuations." Theoretical Economics 10 (2015): 923-952. Abstract
Compte, Olivier, and Andrew Postlewaite. "Plausible cooperation." Games and Economic Behavior 91 (2015): 45-59. Abstract
Anderlini, Luca, Leonardo Felli, and Andrew Postlewaite. "Active courts and menu contracts." In Research Handbook on Economic Models of Law , edited by Miceli, Thomas J. and Matthew J. Barker, 281-307. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015.
Krueger, Dirk, Rong Hai, and Andrew Postlewaite. On the Welfare Cost of Consumption Fluctuations in the Presence of Memorable Goods. NBER Working Paper Series. National Bureau of Economic Research, 2013.
Lester, Benjamin, Andrew Postlewaite, and Randall Wright. "Information and Liquidity." Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 43 (2011): 355-377. Abstract
Postlewaite, Andrew. "Social Norms and Social Assets." In Handbook of Social Economics, edited by Jess Benhabib, Alberto Bisin and M. Jackson, 31-67. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2011.
Postlewaite, Andrew. "Social Norms and Social Assets." Annual Review of Economics 3 (2011): 239-259. Abstract
Postlewaite, Andrew. "Report of the Editor: American Economic Journal: Microeconomics." American Economic Review 98 (2008): 603-604.
Kircher, Philipp, and Andrew Postlewaite. "Strategic Firms and Endogenous Consumer Emulation." Quarterly Journal of Economics 123 (2008): 621-661. Abstract
Postlewaite, Andrew, D. Gerardi, and Richard P. McLean. "Aggregation of Expert Opinions." Games and Economic Behavior 65 (2008): 339-371. Abstract
Gilboa, Itzhak, Andrew Postlewaite, and David Schmeidler. "Probability and Uncertainty in Economic Modeling." Journal of Economic Perspectives 22 (2008): 173-188. Abstract
Postlewaite, Andrew, Larry Samuelson, and Dan Silverman. "Consumption Commitments and Employment Contracts." Review of Economic Studies 75 (2008): 559-578. Abstract
Gilboa, Itzhak, Andrew Postlewaite, and David Schmeidler. Probability and Uncertainty in Economic Modeling (Second Version). PIER Working Paper. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 2008.