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Pimentel, Samuel D., Dylan S. Small, and Paul R. Rosenbaum. "Constructed Second Control Groups and Attenuation of Unmeasured Biases." Journal of the American Statistical Association 111 (2016): 1157-1167. Abstract
Yeung, Wei-Jun Jean, and Hyunjoon Park. "Growing Up in One-Parent Families in Asia." Marriage & Family Review 52 (2016): 1-14. Abstract
Clark, Robert L., Emma Hanson, and Olivia S. Mitchell. "Lessons for public pensions from Utah's move to pension choice." Journal of Pension Economics and Finance 15 (2016): 285-310. Abstract
Kagan, Sarah H.. "Introduction." Seminars in Oncology Nursing 32 (2016): 1-2.
Saarela, Jan M., and Irma T. Elo. "Forced migration in childhood: Are there long-term health effects?" Social Science & Medicine - Population Health 2 (2016): 813-823. Abstract