Angela Lee Duckworth


  • Angela Lee Duckworth (PSC Research Associate) was featured in Penn Today for a new megastudy, published in Nature, which sought to solve motivational problems most people face when it comes to visiting the gym regularly. The megastudy approach to research is a new take on behavioral science, seeking a better way to compel gym attendance by testing many hypotheses at once.

  • Angela Lee Duckworth (PSC Research Associate) was featured in Penn GSE News for being named at the top of Education Week’s Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings.

  • Linda H. Aiken (PSC/PARC Research Associate), Angela Lee Duckworth (PSC Research Associate), and John Q. Trojanowski (PARC Research Associate) were featured in Clarivate's list of Highly Cited Researchers in 2021. These researchers are recognized pioneers in their fields over the last decade, demonstrated by the production of multiple highly-cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations in the Web of Science within their field.

Rosa Lee and Egbert Chang Professor

Ph.D., Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, 2006


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