Daniel Aldana Cohen


  • The climate + community project, a new climate policy research network co-directed by Daniel Aldana Cohen (PSC Research Associate), launched on March 13 with a report advocating a Green Stimulus for K-12 Schools, in partnership with Rep. Jamaal Bowman. Cohen was quoted in the Huffington Post's story about the launch and report. 

  • Daniel Aldana Cohen (PSC Research Associate) was interviewed in The Philadelphia Inquirer about the Texas electricity black-outs and how a Green New Deal could prevent such disasters. Cohen discusses the disadvantages of deregulated and market-based energy systems.

  • Daniel Aldana Cohen's (PSC Research Associate) book, A Planet to Win, has been translated into Brazilian Portuguese by Autonomia Literária, with a new preface by Raquel Rolnik, former United Nations Special Rapporteur on housing as a human right and Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at the
    University of São Paulo.

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Ph.D., Sociology, New York University, 2016


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