Kevin G. Volpp


  • Kevin Volpp and co-authors have published a new article on health care expenditure and life expectancy in the United States in Jama Cardiology. Read more here.

  • Researchers Mark V. Pauly and Kevin G. Volpp have publish an article in MarketWatch about the effects of proposed government budget cuts to Medicare on healthcare.

  • Kevin Volpp and David Mandell will lead the new NIMH-funded Penn ALACRITY Center. The Penn ALACRITY Center—one of two NIMH-funded Advanced Laboratories for Accelerating the Reach and Impact of Treatments for Youth and Adults with Mental Illness—will launch with three projects to enhance treatment for people served through publicly-funded mental health systems. For more information about the new center and projects click here.

Director, LDI Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics
Vice Chairman for Health Policy, Dept. of Medical Ethics and Health Policy
Janet and John Haas President's Distinguished Professor of Medicine
Professor, Health Care Management

Ph.D., Health Economics, Public Policy and Management, University of Pennsylvania, 1998
M.D., Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 1998


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