Mark V. Pauly

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208 Colonial Penn Center



  • Mark V. Pauly, PSC & PARC Associate, was recently quoted in a Knowledge@Wharton article, "Will Walmart's Health Care Gamble Pay Off?" Listen to the Knowledge@Wharton
    podcast episode

  • On Knowledge@Wharton and in a Penn Today article, PSC Associate Mark V. Pauly discusses the future of the Affordable Care Act, which is being reviewed by the courts. “I will be heartsick if it’s declared unconstitutional,” says Pauly. “My view is that you should be required to have health insurance just like you’re required to wear clothes in cold weather.” 

  • PSC & PARC Associate Mark V. Pauly was quoted on a Knowledge@Wharton podcast episode about allegations that generic drug makers conspired to fix prices.

Bendheim Professor
Professor of Health Care Management
Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy

Ph.D., Economics, University of Virginia, 1967


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