Grad Ben Talks 2020

Amado Recital, Irvine Auditorium
February 21, 2020 12:00 PM

Join us for Grad Ben Talks, an afternoon of TED Talk-style presentations by Penn Arts & Sciences graduate students representing the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Professional Master’s programs. Grad Ben Talks is open to the Penn community and the general public. Check back soon for participant information. Click HERE to view winning talks from previous years.

2020 Schedule:


  • Does Phone Disrupt Collaborative Performance?
    Noah Beam, Bella Dai, Nathan Rosenstein, Paige Tomlinson, Ruiling Wen, and Cedric Whitney
    Behavioral and Decision Sciences
  • In-Group Solidarity Under Social Identity Threat and Self-Interest
    Ting Chang, Ishwari Deshpande, Ting-Yi Lin, Dillon Myers, Hans Max Spohn, and Abigail Williams
    Behavioral and Decision Sciences
  • Leveraging Behavioral Economics to Increase Concussion Symptom Reporting Among High School Athletes
    Cameo Hazlewood and Justin Thompson
    Behavioral and Decision Sciences



  • Keith Coleman, Master of Applied Positive Psychology
    Student-Athletes: Grit, Intellectual Pursuit, and Well-Being
  • Pallavi Gopee, Master of Organizational Dynamics
    The Generation Game: A Glance at Intergenerational Conflicts in the Workplace
  • Darlene Marshall, Master of Applied Positive Psychology
    Building the Self So You Can Give It Away — The Upward Cycle of Self-Improvement
  • Daniel Murray, Master of Philosophy in Liberal Arts
    Physician-Assisted Suicide as an End of Life Option for Terminally Ill Patients Nationally
  • Emily Waller, Master of Liberal Arts
    Violent Delights: The Vulnerable Female Body in the Hellenistic Romance and the 18th-Century Novel



  • Dina Asfaha, Anthropology
    Underground Hospital: Conceptions of Sovereignty and Conflict Medicine in Post-War Eritrea
  • Shaquilla Harrigan, Sociology
    Accountability Jenga: How One NGO Balances Local and International Demands
  • Briana Nichols, Anthropology
    No Son Libres Allí/They Are Not Free There
  • Sara Ray, History and Sociology of Science
    Bodies in Bottles: The 18th-Century Anatomical Cabinet of Frederik Ruysch
  • Nicole Welk-Joerger, History and Sociology of Science
    It's Not Easy Eating Green



  • Shoshana Adler, English Literature Learning
    How to Feel Race: Lessons on Racism from Medieval England
  • Esraa al-Shammari, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
    Salim Barakat and the Language of Poetry in Arabic
  • Marco Avilés, Romance Languages
    Erasing the Indigenous in Oneself
  • Weston Bland, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
    An Ideal Moment of Violence? Hierarchies of Suffering in Egypt and Beyond
  • Johanna Kaiser, Classical Studies
    Making Scents of Ancient Rome in the Epigrams of Martial



  • Phoebe Askelson, Chemistry
    Photosynthesis and Lasers: A Look into our Clean Energy Future
  • Pedro Bernardinelli, Physics & Astronomy
    Hunting for Icy Bodies in the Outer Solar System
  • Cheyenne Chaplain, Chemistry
    CD4 Mimetics — A Key to Lock Out HIV-1 Viral Entry
  • Michael O'Shea, Earth & Environmental Science
    Urban Road Dust: Investigating Philly's Street Gunk as Both Source and Sink for Pollutants
  • Võ Tiến Phong, Physics & Astronomy
    An Electron Wave Conspiracy


Refreshments, including vegan and vegetarian options, will be served throughout the day.

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