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Namesort icon Dissertation Graduation Year
Eliya M. Zulu Social and Cultural Factors Affecting Reproductive Behaviour in Malawi 1996
Arvind V. Zodgekar Interrelation in Time Series of Demographic and Economic Variables: Australia and Canada 1972
Susan Zimicki Knowledge and Vaccination: The Response to the 1990 National Urban Immunization Campaign in the Philippines 1998
Menghan Zhao Chinese Fertility: Past, Present and Future 2018
Kunniparampil C. Zachariah Historical Study of Internal Migration in the Indian Subcontinent, 1901-1931 1962
Shengchao Yu Childhood Immunization in India: Roles of Family Structure, Women's Autonomy, and Village Health Service Provision 2004
Eui Young Yu Correlates of Commutation Rates in Large Metropolitan Areas: Multivariate Analysis of Data for the United States, 1960 1969
Yeun-Chung Yu The Development of the Economically Active Population in East Asia, 1947-1966 1969
Hassan Musa Yousif An Integrated Economic-Demographic Theoretical Framework for the Analysis of the Factors Related to the Rural Labor Force in the Gezira Scheme: A Micro Household Level Analysis (Sudan) 1985
Park Jin Young Women's Labor Force Participation in Korea: Trends in Levels, Patterns and Differentials During 1960-1980 1990
Kua Wongboonsin Fertility Patterns and their Determinants in Thailand, 1969-1979: Results from Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Studies 1985
Amde Wolle Regional, Provincial, Rural-Urban, and City Size Differentials in Labor Force Participation in the Case of Sudan 1984
Manfred Wogugu Socioeconomic Determinants of International Migration in Ghana: An Aggregate Analysis of Sub-Group Differentials 1975
Pitiyage Wilson Interactions of Supply and Demand Factors: Regional Variations of Labor Force Participation in Sri Lanka 1981
Monique B. Williams Examples of American Racial Stratification: Wage, Health and Violence Differentials Examined 2001
Kevin M. White Essays on Developed Nation Mortality and Kenyan Contraception 1999
Marissa Wheeler Contemporary Topics in Low Fertility: Late Transitions to Parenthood and Low Fertility in East Asia 2011
Christopher Weiss The Effects of Student Engagement in the Transition to High School 1999
Jordan Weiss Forecasting the future burden of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias in the United States 2020
Alexander A. Weinreb Integrating Respondents, Community, and the State in the Analysis of Contraceptive Use in Kenya 2000
Ina K. Warriner Nontraditional Approaches to Traditional Demographic Questions: Three Essays on Fertility and Mortality 1999
Haidong Wang Essays on Smoking and Mortality in the United States 2008
Abhijit Visaria Religion and Son Preference in India and Bangladesh: Three Essays on Comparing Hindus and Muslims on Son Preference and Sex Differentials in Child Health 2015
Yana C. Vierboom Adult Health and Mortality in the United States 2019
Emily Vala-Haynes Reproductive Health Disparities in Latin America 2014
Kunniseri Eswaran Vaidyanathan Population Redistribution and Economic Change: India, 1951-61 1967
Amarachi Utah Essays on Fertility and the Demographic Dividend in Sub-Saharan Africa: Exploring the Puzzles and Possibilities 2018
Cassio Maldonado Turra Living and Dying at Older Ages: Essays on the Hispanic Mortality Paradox and the Annuity Puzzle in the U.S. 2004
Nesim Tumkaya Occupation Mobility of the United States Labor Force: 1965-1970 1979
Richard F. Tomasson Patterns in Negro-White Differential Mortality, 1930-1956 1960
Varachai Thongthai A Study of Urban-Rural Fertility Differentials in Thailand 1986
Kevin Thomas The Demography of Migrant Populations in South Africa 2004
Rania Tfaily Changes in Traditional Practices in Contemporary Demographic Regimes in the Middle East and South and Southeast Asia : Three Essays 2006
Rebbeca Tesfai The Economic Lives of Black Immigrants: An Analysis of Wages, Homeownership, and Locational Attainment in the United States 2013
Christopher Tencza Three Essays on the Impact of Behavioral Risk Factors on Health and Mortality in the United States 2015
Molla Teclemariam The Impact of Urban Primacy on the Urban Labor Force and the Urban Labor Market in Less Developed Economies 1987
Koray Tanfer Working Women: A Study of Female Labor Force and Determinants of Participation in Six Large Cities of Turkey, 1970 1975
Shigesato Takahashi Effects of Mortality Decline on Aspects of Aging in Japan 1993
Allison Sullivan Three Essays on Socioeconomic Status, Social Support, and the Health and Retirement Study 2011
Sirage Eldin Suliman Estimation of Levels and Trends of the U.S. Adult Black Mortality During the Period 1870-1900 1983
Ismaila Sulaiman Child Mortality in Nigeria: Levels and Socioeconomic Differentials 1984
Nikkil Sudharsanan A Global Perspective on Aging, Adult Health, and Inequality 2017
Leslie F. Stone Studies in the Demography of Supercentenarians in the United States 2003
Leroy O. Stone Some Demographic Concomitants of Economic Change in Sub-Regions of Puerto Rico: 1950-1960 1964
Andrew Stokes Social Determinants and International Comparisons of Health and Mortality 2014
Quincy Thomas Stewart Modeling Social and Demographic Phenomena: Mortality, Inequality and Labor Force Growth 2001
Patience Stephens Morbidity and Mortality from Measles in Ngayokheme: A Case Study of Risks and Their Associated Factors 1984
Emmanuel Francis Souza Three essays on labor market incorporation and remitting behavior in sub-Saharan Africa 2020
Erica Soler-Hampejsek Schooling, Gender, and Marriage in Guatemala 2008
Heeju Sohn Social and Demographic Consequences of Health Insurance 2015
Kirsten P. Smith Understanding High Levels of Sexually Transmitted Infections in the United States: A Between- and Within-Country Analysis 2005
Shirley Smith Industrial Growth, Employment Opportunities, and Migration Within and From Jamaica, 1943-1970 1975
Maria Sironi The Transition to Adulthood in the Developed Western World: A Focus on the Achievement of Economic Independence and on the Role of Family Background 2013
Sandile E. Simelane Poverty in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Measurement, Trends and the Demography of the Poor 2007
Moshe S. Sicron Interrelationship Between the Educational Level and Occupational Structure of the Labor Force (An International and Inter-Temporal Comparison) 1968
Amson Sibanda Fertility Transitions in Sub-Saharan Africa: Establishing the Sources and Determinants of Reproductive Change in Zimbabwe and Kenya 1997
Laura B. Shrestha Age Misreporting and its Effects on Old Age Population and Death Registration Estimates: United States, 1970-1990 1993
Alex Shpenev Three Essays on Social Context, Education, and Health Outcomes Among Older Adults 2017
Eui Hang Shin Migration Differentials of the Nonwhite Population: United States, 1955-1960 1971
Richard Lloyd Sherman Migration in the Philadelphia Subregion, 1935-1940 1953
Benedict V. Sheku Pathological Determinants of Sterility in Rural Uganda 1987
Richard Paul Shaw Land Tenure and the Rural Exodus in Latin America 1972
Ethan Jennings Sharygin Essays on Demographic Legacies of Twentieth Century Population Planning 2013
Rabinder Kumar Sharma Fertility Determinants in Urban Morocco 1975
Hyunho Seok Internal Migration and Socioeconomic Modernization: Korea 1910-1970 1980
Emmanuel Sekatawa Compensating Mechanisms in the Nuptiality-Fertility Relationship, Evidence from Tanzania, 1973 1981
Sara Seims A Cohort Analysis of Fertility Decline in Barbados 1978
Kadamattumadom S. Seetharam Population and Agricultural Change in Madras State: 1951-61 1971
Rebecca Anna Schut Inequalities in the Structure and Delivery of U.S. Health Care 2022
Whitney Schott Returning to Work: The Effects of Family Policy, Motherhood, and Schooling on Women in the Workforce 2011
Enid J. Schatz Numbers and Narratives: Making Sense of Gender and Context in Rural Malawi 2002
Mariano Sana International Monetary Transfers: Three Essays on Migrant Decision-Making 2003
Abedin M. Saleha Islam and Muslim Fertility: Sociological Dimensions of a Demographic Dilemma 1977
Salama Saidi Patterns and Differentials in the Urban Labor Force in Morocco, 1980 1986
Ameed Saabneh Three Essays on Health Inequalities 2013
Margaret Rwabushaija The Measurement and Definition of Age at Marriage in Sub-Saharan Africa 1991
Matthew Ruther Essays on the Spatial Clustering of Immigrants and Internal Migration within the United States 2012
Gideon Rutaremwa Differentials in Infant and Child Mortality in East Africa 2002
Emily Rosenbaum Race and Ethnicity in Housing: Turnover in New York City, 1978-87 1991
Julio Romero Prieto Demographic Models of Health and Mortality at Both Extremes of the Lifespan 2017
Arodys Robles Child Health Among Indigenous Populations of Bolivia, Guatemala, and Chile 1993
James G. Robinson A Cohort Analysis of Trends in The Labor Force Participation of Men and Women in the United States: 1890 To 1985 1988
Fernando Riosmena Within, Between, and Beyond Space-Time: Three Essays on Latin America - US Migratory Dynamics 2005
Susan A. Ricketts Contraceptive Use Among Teenage Mothers: Evaluation of a Family Planning Program 1973
Angela R. Reynar Fertility Decision Making by Couples Amongst the Luo of Kenya 2000
Georges Reniers HIV/AIDS Surveillance and Behavioral Change in Populations Affected by the AIDS Epidemic. Four Essays 2006
Arlene C. Rengert The Process of Cityward Migration for Women and Men in Rural Mexico: Implications for Social Development 1978
Megan N. Reed Three Chapters on Marriage and the Reproduction of Social Inequalities in India 2022
Sethuramiah L. N. Rao Age Distribution and Life Table Development: A Case study of Selected Asian Countries 1971
Zhenchao Qian Changes in American Marriage, 1970-1990: Forces of Attraction, Assortative Mating and Interracial Marriage 1994
Enrico V. Pirovano Recent Arrivals from the Philippines in the United States 1977
Gary Thomas Pickens A Computerized Stochastic Model of Postpartum Period 1982
Julie Phillips Crime and Migration: Three Essays Examining Causes and Consequences of Two Urban Social Challenges 1998
Luca Maria Pesando Three Essays on Family, Gender, and Educational Change Across Low- and Middle-Income Countries 2018
Sarah K. Pepper Single Among Marrieds: Characteristics, Living Arrangement and Attitudes of the Never Married 2000
Morgan Peele Three Essays on Mental Health and Pain in the United States 2022
Mercedes Pedrero-Nieto Labor Force in Mexico--A Study of Regional Variations: 1950-1960 1973
Collin Payne Health and Aging in Low-Resource Contexts: Three Essays on Healthy Life Expectancy in the Developing World 2015
Evelyn Joy Patterson A Demography of Incaceration: An Analysis of Measurement and Mortality in United States' State Correctional Facilities, 1985-1998 2007
Sang Tae Park Urbanization and Fertility in Korea, 1960-1970 1978
Elsie R. Pamuk Social Class Inequality in Infant Mortality in England and Wales: 1921 through 1984 1989
Ann Chiu Orr Three Studies of the Labor Force Behavior of Married Women: The Effects of Childcare Costs, Transitory Income and Past Decisions 1978
Collins Opiyo The Recent Rise of Childhood Mortaility in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Kenya 2009
Francis Obare Onyango Response to Population-Based Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV in Rural Malawi 2007
Oyewole David Olaleye Toward an Understanding of Non-Numeric Fertility Preferences and Women's Fertility Planning Behavior: The Case of Nigeria and Ghana 1994
Martin T. O'Connell Effect of Changing Age Distributions on Fertility and Suicide in Developed Countries 1975
Laura Christine Nyblade HIV Counseling and Testing in a Rural Ugandan Population 1998
Christine Nord Delayed Childbearing in the United States: An Exploration of the Implications for Women's and Children's Lives 1988
Claire Noël-Miller Grandparents and the Mortality of their Grandchildren in The Gambia: Findings from the 1993 Census 2005
Pierre Ngom Women's Informal Communication About Family Planning in West Africa 1994
Carmen Ng Health and Nutrition in the Context of Developing Countries 2018
Abdel-Fattah Nassef The Egyptian Labor Force: Its Dimensions and Changing Structure, 1907-1960 1969
Mikko Myrskylä Essays on Mortality and the Life Course 2009
Laryssa Mykyta Three Essays on Economic Instability, Social Context and Outcomes in Early Adulthood 2010
Brendan Mullan Mexican Migrants in the United States Labor Market: A Study of Migrants' Occupational Mobility 1986
Pradip K. Muhuri Child Mortality in Matlab, Bangladesh with Special Reference to Excess Mortality of Girls 1991
Robert Mswia Mortality in the Era of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania 2006
Zoraida Morales Regional Differences in the Economic Growth, Urbanization and Labor Force Trends: The Case of Puerto Rico 1982
Thomas P. Monahan The Pattern of Age at Marriage in the United States 1951
Mohammad Mirzaee Trends and Determinants of Mortality in Taiwan, 1895-1975 1979
Vitor Miranda Measuring Racial Self-Identification over the Life Course in Brazil, 1940-2013 2014
Katharine A. Miller Demographic and Social Aspects of Twentieth-Century Low Fertility Populations: Three Approaches 2002
Jane E. Miller Covariates and Consequences of Birth Spacing 1989
Ann R. Miller State Labor Force Trends and Differentials in the United States from 1870 to 1950 1962
Maarvellous Mhloyi Fertility Determinants: A Comparative Study of Kenya and Lesotho 1984
M. Giovanna Merli Demographic Processes in China and Vietnam: Three Essays 1996
Neil K. Mehta Contemporary Topics in American Adult Health and Mortality: Obesity and Immigration 2009
Gopal Krishna Mehrotra A Study of Liberia's Population with Special Emphasis on Ethnic and Fertility Variations 1980
Dominique Meekers Marriage and Premarital Childbearing in Cote d'Ivoire 1990
Carla Medalia Essays on Gender and Health 2012
John P. McHenry Theoretical and Empirical Critique of the Easterlin-Crimmins Synthesis Model of Fertility - With Applications to Colombia, Costa Rica, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the United States 1986
Joseph A. McFalls Psychopathology: Its Impact on Individual and Population Fecundity 1977
Thomas McElrath Heterogeneity in Human Reproduction: An Analysis of Seasonal and Racial Variation in Birth Outcomes 1993
Fareeda McClinton Griffith Race and Space in Post-Apartheid South Africa, 1996-2001 2009
William Marton Aging, the Family, and Informal Care of the Elderly in the United States: 1987-2025 1994
Pierre Jean Martinot-Lagarde The Process of Union Formation, Revisiting Theories and Survey Data: A Comparison Between INED's Two Surveys: "Le Choix du Conjoint" (1959) and "La Formation des Couples"(1984) 1998
Daniela Marshall Family Determinants of Early Childhood Well-being: Three Studies on Chile 2015
Rachel Margolis Essays on Health, the Process of Aging, and Family Context 2011
Abate Mammo Mortality in Rural Ethiopia: Levels, Trends, Differentials 1988
Nolan J. Malone A Whole New Ball Game: An Analysis of the Legalization Processes Faced by Mexican Migrants to the United States in the Post-Bracero Era 2004
Sangeetha Madhavan Collaboration and Conflict Among Women in Rural Mali: Effects on Fertility and Child Survival 1998
Cheikh Seydil Moctar M'Backé Estimating child mortality from retrospective reports by mothers at time of a new birth: the case of the Emis Surveys 1986
Diane N. Lye The Rise of Divorce in Developed Countries Since 1960: A Comparative Study of Law, Opportunity and Values 1989
Wolfgang Lutz Demographic , Economic, & Social Factors in Evolution of Finnish Fertility, 1722-1978 1983
Sheng Luo Reconstruction of Life Tables and Age Distributions for the Population of China, by Year, from 1953 to 1982 1988
Nancy K. Luke Rariu and Luo Women: Illness as Resistance in Rural Kenya 2000
Barbara Logue Demographic Change in a Maritime Community, Nantucket, Massachusetts, 1660 to 1850 1983
Lomeli Silvia Llera Gender Differentials in Housing Conditions: The Mexican Elderly, 1970-1990 1996
Gretchen Livingston Does Membership have its Privileges? Gender, Networks & Wage Outcomes among Mexican Immigrants 2003
Suo-Qun Liu The Age Patterns and Their Stability by Industry and Occupation in Taiwan During 1956-1980 1988
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Suet Tieng Lim Gender, Race, and Attainment in Peninsular Malaysia 1992
Wen-Lang Li Inter-Prefectural Migration of the Native Population in Taiwan, 1905-1940 1967
Weilong Li Three Essays on Internal Migration and Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) Risk Factors in Low- and Middle-income Countries (LMICs) 2022
Harold Roy Lentzner Seasonal Patterns of Infant and Child Mortality in New York, Chicago, and New Orleans 1987
Anne S. Lee Interstate Differences in Fertility in the United States, 1910-1960 1966
Everett S. Lee Differentials in Internal Mobility 1952
Zulma L. Recchini Lattes The Contributions of Migration and Natural Increase to the Growth of Buenos Aires, 1855-1960 1971
Solène Lardoux Polygyny, First Marriage and Fertility in Senegal and Mali 2004
Pearl Kyei Essays on the Economic and Social Demography of Households 2010
Arielle Kuperberg Till Death Do Us Part or The Lease Runs Out: A Reassessment of Cohabitation and Marriage in the United States 2010
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Monica King (He) Under The Hood: Revealing Patterns of Motor Vehicle Fatalities In The United States 2017
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Li-Chung Hu Three Essays on Marriage, Health and Social Stratification in China 2015
Ning Hsieh Social Networks, Social Support, and Mental Health in Cross-National Comparative Perspective 2014
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Mark E. Hill Studies in African American Social Demography 1999
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