Black Deaths Matter: Race, Relationship Loss, and Effects on SurvivorsAt the PSC Colloquium this week we had the opportunity to host Debra J. Umberson Professor of Sociology at The University of Texas at Austin who discussed her ongoing research on racial disadvantages including how social ties impact health. Her moving talk this week, “Black Deaths Matter: Race, Relationship Loss, and Effects on Survivors,” addressed in part how historical racial inequalities impact life expectancy for African-Americans and in particular focused on how the stress associated with the death of family members, bereavement, and loss over the life course contributes to cumulative disadvantages for Black Americans. Unfortunately, we do not have a video to share (due to technical difficulties), but please read her related paper:Umberson, D. et al. 2017. “Death of Family Members as an Overlooked Source of Racial Disadvantage in the United States.” PNAS 114(5):915-920.