Call for proposals: Symposium on Globalism and Populism

Princeton University
Date of event: 
April 21, 2017
Submission deadline: 
February 24, 2017
Princeton University

In light of recent discussions about the resurgence of populism and backlash against globalization as manifested by the ‘Brexit’ vote, the 2016 US election, and similar trends elsewhere, we aim to bring together faculty and graduate students from Princeton University and other area universities for an interdisciplinary scholarly discussion of these issues. How (if at all) is this moment different from previous populist or anti-globalization movements? How have populist political and social movements, on one hand, and the processes and experiences of globalization, on the other, intersected in the past? What insights can historians draw from other humanistic and social scientific disciplines to better understand these phenomena?

Accordingly, we are seeking proposals of no more than 500 words from doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences for brief presentations to accompany short (10-page), pre-circulated papers. Proposals are requested by Wednesday, February 24, and may be sent to Papers may address any topic related to globalization and/or populism, but proposals should clearly articulate the question the paper aims to address.


Some financial support for travel may be available for accepted participants. Proposals for full panels of three or four presenters are welcome.