Mini-Conference on The Future of Immigration Scholarship

American Sociological Association (ASA)
Date of event: 
August 10, 2018
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

The International Migration Section of the American Sociological Association (ASA)holds a mini-conference every four years on the day prior to the annual ASA meeting. The 2018 Annual ASA Meeting: “Feeling Race: An Invitation To Explore Racialized Emotions” will be held 11-14 August in Philadelphia, and the steering/planning committee (of which UPenn Professors Chenoa FlippenEmilio Parrado, Amada Armenta, and Onoso Imoagene are members) has selected the campus of the University of Pennsylvania as the location for the Mini-Conference on The Future of Immigration Scholarship.
The one-day conference will bring together approximately 100 immigration scholars and  students from around the country. Its goal is to provide a venue for more sustained conversation among scholars and students of migration than is often possible at ASA; to help bridge the gap between scholarship, public policy, and the media in the field of immigration; and to facilitate networking and informal interactions among researchers at different career stages, with a particular emphasis on helping to connect students and junior faculty with more senior researchers.