Wendy Roth in the News

  • Wendy Roth (PSC Research Associate) was quoted in an NPR article about the effects DNA tests have on reporting multiracial identity in the 2020 Census. Her research published in the American Journal of Sociology was featured.
    Image credit: Tony Webster.

  • Wendy Roth (PSC Research Associate) was interviewed for an NPR segment about the potential role of genetic ancestry testing in the growth of the multiracial population in the 2020 Census.

  • Wendy Roth (PSC Research Associate) was interviewed in Maisonneuve about people who discover non-paternity events through DNA testing and how it impacts their identities. Roth's research about genetic testing and identity was also featured in a Consumer Reports article. 


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  • Wendy Roth (PSC Research Associate) was featured in The New York Times and appeared on The Behavior Corner podcast discussing her research on genetic ancestry testing and racial perceptions.

  • Research by Wendy Roth (PSC Research Associate) was cited in a New York Times Op-ed entitled, "America’s Brutal Racial History Is Written All Over Our Genes." The article discusses the relationship between genetic testing services, identity, and perceptions of race in the US.

  • Wendy Roth (PSC Research Associate) created a video for the Penn Latin American and Latinx Studies Program (LALS) describing her career and research on the dynamics of racial classification in the United States and Latin America. Roth discusses some her of past and current projects surrounding the questions of why and how racial classification changes across
    cultures and geographies.

  • Wendy Roth (PSC Research Associate) was featured in a Slate article about how DNA tests change our understanding of genetics and identity perception.

  • Wendy Roth (PSC Research Associate) was featured in a Times of Israel article about the dangers of DNA testing to defend preexisting ideas of race.

  • Research by Wendy Roth (PSC Research Associate) argues that generic ancestry tests might actually be polarizing people's beliefs about race. Read more at Inverse

  • Wendy Roth was recently featured in a Huffington Post article about the role of DNA kits like 23andMe in perceptions of race and identity. “Race is not something that is just genetic. Genetics play a part, but only a part,” Roth explains. “The way that sociologists define race is something that is socially determined, that refers to aspects of your biology or your ancestry. But it’s only referring to them.”

  • Wendy Roth recently was interviewed BYUradio by Julie Rose on DNA Tests: Fact vs. Fiction.

  • PSC Associate Wendy D. Roth's work on race has been mentioned in this recent New York Times article, How White Nationalists See What They Want to See in DNA Tests.