COVID-19 Knowledge, Behaviors, and Impacts: Results from Kenya, Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Nigeria

Zoom Webinar
November 16, 2020 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Associate Professor
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Speaker Biographies: 

Dr. Philip Anglewicz's primary research interest is demographic change in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Specifically, he has studied the relationship between internal migration, health and HIV status in SSA, including extensive data collection for internal migrants in Malawi (funded through an NIH R21 grant). Dr. Anglewicz is a Co-PI of a new NIH-funded study on surviving the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Malawi, which continues a longitudinal panel study of rural Malawians who have been interviewed since 1998 (funded through an NIH R01 grant).  

Dr. Anglewicz studies fertility and family planning trends in SSA, and, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded Performance, Monitoring, and Accountability 2020 Project (PMA2020), serves as Director of the Research Program, generating research questions, providing guidance on the questionnaire and indicator development, developing a framework and schedule for secondary analysis and peer reviewed publications, and providing technical capacity development to in-country partners in survey design, research, and analysis.

Dr. Anglewicz also conducts domestic research; he is part of a study that examines medium and long-term recovery and resilience after Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast area

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