The Happiness Gap in an Era of Growing Income Inequality: 1972-2014.

McNeil 103
April 3, 2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Professor of Sociology and Demography
Penn State University
Speaker Biographies: 

John Iceland is Professor and Head of the Sociology Department and a Research Associate in the Population Research Institute at Penn State University. He was previously Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland, and before that, Chief of the Poverty and Health Statistics Branch at the U.S. Census Bureau. His research focuses on racial and ethnic residential segregation, poverty, and immigration issues. He is an author of two books on these issues: Where We Live Now: Immigration and Race in the United States (2009, University of California Press) and Poverty in America, now in its third edition (University of California Press, 2013). He has written several articles on poverty measurement issues and has testified before a Congressional subcommittee examining problems with the current U.S. official poverty measure. He is on the editorial board of a number of social science journals and has served as an elected member of the Population Association of America (PAA) Board of Directors and the American Sociological Association Population Section and Community and Urban Sociology Section Councils.