PAA Practice Talks

McNeil, Room 103
March 21, 2016 11:45 AM - 2:00 PM
University of Pennsylvania

Andres Castro “Prevalence and Trends in Unintended Childbearing: The Role of Immigration”      

      Menghan Zhao “Does More Experience Promise Better Work ? a Study on Informal Floating Workers in Beijing”

      Alex Shpenev “Did the Educational Gradient in Health Become Wider Among Older Russians in the 2000s? Evidence from Two WHO Surveys”

      Nikkil Sudharsanan “Poverty and Longevity: The Dynamics of Disability and Mortality in Indonesia”

      Megan Costa “Socioeconomic Gradients Negatively Impact Longitudinal Child Nutritional Status in Bolivian Amerindians”

      Edith Gutierrez-Vazquez “Changes in the Composition and Labor Market Incorporation of Return Mexican Migrants Between 2000 and 2010”