Various Titles (listed under bio section)

McNeil 150
March 28, 2022 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
PhD Candidates
The University of Pennsylvania
Speaker Biographies: 

Zohra Ansari-Thomas -Migration, Marriage, and Cohabitation among Hispanic Immigrant Women in the United States

Rebecca Schut -Racial-Ethnic, Nativity, and Legal Status Disparities in Health and Health Care: The Role of Local Immigration Enforcement

Kai Feng - Pathways to Inclusion or Exclusion in China: Transitions to Adulthood in Poor Rural Regions

Anneliese Luck - Cumulative Childhood Risks of Family Destabilization: The Spatial and Racial Dimensions of Parental Imprisonment and Foster Care Removal

Hannah Olson - Trends in risk of low and very low birth weight, by maternal race/ethnicity and age 1998-2018: three decades of weathering

Nazar Khalid -Heterogeneous impacts of floods on children's education in rural India: Vulnerabilities by gender, age caste/religious group and socioeconomic status

Sneha Mani - Sex differences in life expectancy in Kerala

Ali Scheve - Mental Health and Life-Course Shocks in a Low-Income Country:  Evidence from Malawi