Demography Library

The Demography Library supports the research and course work of graduate students, Research Associates and Research Affiliates of the Population Studies Center (PSC) and is funded by the PSC. The Demography Library is not part of the Penn Libraries system and has its own online library catalog, EOS. The Library is located on the fourth and fifth floors of the McNeil Building, our entrance is on the 4th floor, 403 McNeil. The Demography Library is primarily a self service library and library staff can provide you with instructions for borrowing items in the library. All users must register with the Demography Library specifically to begin borrowing material from the library.

Collection: The collection contains over 35,000 titles. The Demography Library contains a strong collection of research material on demographic research and methodology. There are also strong holdings in demographic history, economics, migration, family studies, labor issues, women, family planning, and aging and health. Geographic coverage is worldwide, with particular emphasis on Africa, Latin America and other developing regions. The Demography Library also provides access to data sets and databases on CD-ROM. In addition to the resources available via the Demography Library, PSC researchers have access to a wealth of both print and electronic resources and many other services via the Penn Libraries. Read our Collection Development Policy.

Access: The Library is open to all faculty, staff and students of the PSC as well as graduate students, faculty and staff of Economics and Sociology. All others must receive permission from the librarian to use the facility. Library keys are available to access the library after hours and on the weekends to PSC Research Associates and students only. Individuals who borrow keys will be provided with instructions for opening and closing the library. Keys must be returned by 10:00 am the next day, or on Monday at 10 am if signed out Friday afternoon. Note: If you have undergraduates or students from other departments working for you and will require that they use the Demography Library please provide Demography Library staff with their names and email addresses.

Assistance: Since the library staff provides several services to the PSC community we are not always available at our desks and are often helping other researchers, working elsewhere in the building, in a meeting or running an errand. If we are not available to assist you right away please email us or call us and will get back to you as soon as we can. We have a notification board sitting on the front counter which we use daily to communicate important information, including information on where we can be found or when we will be back if we are not in the library.