China's Other Flattened Curve: An Astonishing Population Reduction, that Rise of Xi, and How "The One-Child Policy" Misnomer Cloaked Them Both

Zoom Webinar
February 8, 2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Independent Researcher
Speaker Biographies: 

Daniel Goodkind is presenting as an Independent Researcher (Arlington, VA).  For more than three decades, his research has focused on the population dynamics of Asian societies. He completed a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Economics (Swarthmore College, 1983) and a PhD in Sociology and Demography (University of Pennsylvania, 1992). Daniel’s doctoral thesis explored the emergence of zodiac birth timing patterns in Chinese societies since the 1970s, including parental strategies for such timing.  That research grew out of his experiences while living and working in Taipei in the mid 1980s and it remains his favorite topic today. As part of two postdoctoral fellowships in anthropological demography (The Australian National University and the University of Michigan, 1992-1998), he spent more than a year in Vietnam during which he implemented several small-scale surveys which addressed that country’s China-inspired “one-or-two-child” policy, its socialist transformations, sensitive questions about HIV/AIDS, and the wellbeing of the elderly. Since 1998, Daniel has been at the U.S. Census Bureau where his work focuses on estimates and projections of population trends in Asia and other parts of the world. He has traveled multiple times to each of the following countries to give workshops on demographic analysis or work on special projects:  Armenia, Bangladesh, China, Jordan, India, Mozambique, Namibia, Serbia, Thailand, and Zambia. His research has been published in Demography, International Migration Review, Journal of Marriage and the Family, Pacific Affairs, Population Studies, Social Forces, Urban Studies, and many other venues.

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