Annette Lareau


  • Annette Lareau of the PSC joined a conversation on KPCC Radio about unequal access to the resources necessary for “intensive parenting.”

  • This week's issue of the Penn Almanac featured a short essay titled "Teaching First-Generation College Students," by PSC researcher Annette Lareau.

  • Annette Lareau has been appointed as Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Term Professor in the Social Sciences. More information about can be found in this recent Almanac volume.

Stanley I. Sheerr Term Professor in the Social Sciences
Professor of Sociology

Ph.D., Sociology, University of California, Berkeley, 1984

Research Themes


  • Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality: Annette Lareau on Unequal Childhoods
  • Talk: Annette Lareau on Unequal Childhoods: A survey of youth across race and class." She is author of "Unequal Childhoods: Race, Class, and Family Life
  • Interview: Annette Lareau on Parenting Strategies and Life Outcomes