Administrative Staff, PARC Staff
Julia Crane Associate Director for Administration 233 McNeil 215-573-1369
Administrative Staff
Dawn M. Ryan Administrative Coordinator 239 McNeil 215-898-6441
Tanya Yang Graduate Group Coordinator 239 McNeil 215-898-6444
Library and Information Services Staff, PARC Staff
Shannon Crane Information and Dissemination Assistant 403 McNeil 215-898-5375
Addie M├ętivier Information Assistant 403 McNeil 215-898-5375
Nykia M. Perez Kibler Director of Information Services 403 McNeil 215-898-5375
Project Staff, PARC Staff
Jan Jaeger Human Subjects/Bioethics Consultant
Director, Breast Cancer Clinical Trials, Abramson Cancer Center
10 South Pavilion Room 10-160 Perelman Center 215-615-5329