Damon Centola


  • Damon Centola (PSC Research Associate) was interviewed for a recent segment of The Money with Richard Aedy, an Australian radio program. Centola discussed how social change happens and his reseach on the science of networks. 

  • New research by Damon Centola (PSC Research Associate) published in Nature Communications was featured in Penn Today. The new study, "Experimental Evidence for Scale-Induced Category Convergence Across Populations," examines how individuals, small groups, and larger groups categorize things. This study points to the importance of social experiences in how people organize things and themselves.

  • Damon Centola's (PSC Research Associate) newest book, CHANGE: How to Make Big Things Happen, was recently released. In his book, Centola debunks popular myths about change, like the Myth of the Influencer, and shows how people in the network periphery are essential for triggering social transformations in art, politics, medicine and popular culture. From the failure of Google Glass to the success of Black Lives Matter, this book shows how social networks can either block innovation or spread it around the world. Find out more at www.damoncentola.com.

Professor, Annenberg School of Communication

Ph.D., Sociology, Cornell University, 2006


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