Dennis Culhane


  • Dennis Culhane (PSC Research Associate) was featured in a New York Times Op-ed, "The Bill for My Homelessness Was $54,000" by Lori Teresa Yearwood, about debt incurred during homelessness, which can include unpaid utility bills, court fees and fines, as well as child support.

  • Dennis Culhane (PSC Research Associate) was quoted in Penn Today discussing ethics and integrated data projects supported through the School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2). 

  • Dennis Culhane (PSC Research Associate) was quoted in The Seattle Times about the different struggles homeless populations experience related to homeless shelter systems especially in extreme weather.

    Image credit: Erika Schultz

National Center on Homelessness among Veterans
Dana and Andrew Stone Chair in Social Policy
Professor of Policy Research and Evaluation
Professor of Social Policy
Professor of Psychology

Ph.D., Social Psychology, Boston College, 1990

Research Themes


  • Penn LDI: Dennis Culhane on COVID and the Homeless Population
  • IDEA at CERGE-EI: Dennis Culhane on Lessons from the U.S. and a Way Forward for the Czech Republic
  • Supportive Housing NY: The Dennis Culhane Study on Innovations in Supportive Housing