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  • What makes preschool good? Penn GSE's Sharon Wolf is helping transform early childhood education in Ghana. Listen to to her NPR interview and read her BOLD blog post.

  • Teacher Training & Early Education in Ghana.

    On Tuesday, October 10th PSC Research Associates Sharon Wolf and Jere R. Behrman accompanied by experts from New York University and Innovations for Poverty Action-Ghana. They presented findings from two rigorous studies on teacher training and efforts to improve early childhood education. Members of the audience included representatives from Ghana Education Services, Ministry of Education, the World Bank, and other key stakeholders. “What we found was that the in-service teacher training improved the number of play-based, child-friendly activities teachers used and improved the quality of teacher-child interactions,” said Dr. Sharon Wolf, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Human Development at the University of Pennsylvania and principal investigator for the study. “The program also reduced teacher burnout, as well as teacher turnover in the private sector,” Wolf added. Read the full article here.

  • Sharon Wolf and Jere Behrman presented findings from two rigorous studies on teacher training and efforts to improve early childhood education in Accra, Ghana. Read more about their presentation and projects in the Ghana News article.

Assistant Professor, Human Development and Quantitative Methods Division

Ph.D., Applied Psychology, New York University, 2014

Dr. Sharon Wolf studies the social and environmental determinants of child development and inequalities, focusing on disadvantaged populations in the United States and in low-income countries. Shaped by her training in applied developmental and community psychology, Dr. Wolf applies a developmental-ecological framework to study how social contexts affect children’s academic and behavioral development and produce inequality.

Prior to joining the faculty at Penn GSE, Dr. Wolf was a postdoctoral research scientist at the Global TIES for Children research center at New York University and a National Poverty Fellow with the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she was in residence at the US Department of Health and Human Services. She received her Ph.D. in Applied Psychology with a concentration in Quantitative Analysis from NYU. Dr. Wolf was a recipient of the American Psychological Foundation Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Graduate Fellowship in Child Psychology, and the Institute of Education Sciences Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training Fellowship.