Rebecca Schut

Office Address: 

216 McNeil

Ph.D. Student, Demography & Sociology, University of Pennsylvania

M.A., Demography, University of Pennsylvania, 2019
B.A., Health and Societies, University of Pennsylvania, 2016

Entered Program: 
First Year Paper Advisor: 
Chenoa Flippen

Rebecca Schut is a dual Ph.D. student in Demography and Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016 with a BA in Health and Societies and a Certificate in Mandarin Chinese. During her undergraduate training, Rebecca worked as a research assistant to Dr. Susan Sorenson at the Ortner Center on Violence and Abuse in Relationships, where she coauthored a systematic review on non-fatal gun violence and served as first-author on a study describing the scope, nature, and severity of disputes between parents and their minor children requiring police intervention. After graduating, Rebecca worked in the Department of Radiology at the Perelman School of Medicine where she managed clinical trials on breast and lung cancer screening and management.

Rebecca’s current research interests span the areas of social demography and medical sociology, with a focus on inequalities in healthcare and medicine. She is particularly interested in exploring how non-native and minority populations navigate systems, institutions, and identities in the United States, with a specific focus on their interactions and experiences within the U.S. healthcare system. Her current work utilizes electronic medical record (EMR) and American Community Survey data to examine racial/ethnic disparities in physician-to-patient communication among patients diagnosed with incidental medical findings. Rebecca is also engaged in a project under Dr. Chenoa Flippen that explores differences in sexual initiation patterns, contraceptive utilization, and birth outcomes among non-migrant Mexican women and migrant Mexican women to Durham, North Carolina.