The PSC is a self-governing Center housed administratively within SAS. The PSC reports directly to SAS Associate Dean for Social Sciences Emily Hannum hence to SAS Dean Steven Fluharty. Dean Fluharty was previously Vice Provost for Research and Emily Hannum is a PSC Research Associate and professor in the sociology department. They are both very familiar with the role of NICHD support to the PSC and the importance of demographic research. A PSC Steering Committee composed of the PSC Leadership, the Associate Director for Training, the Chair of the Graduate Group in Demography, and the Principal Investigator of the training grant, plus two senior and two junior Research Associates, advises the PSC leadership in all matters related to the governance of the center. The PSC Director is appointed by the Dean of SAS following a consultative process led by the Associate Dean through the PSC Steering Committee. Terms of appointment are typically for five years. The Director meets 1-on-1 with the Associate Dean on a regular basis throughout the academic year and meets each semester with the Dean in the company of other SAS research center directors.