Vikesh Amin

Professor of Economics, Central Michigan University

" "

Philip Anglewicz

Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

" "

Zohra Ansari-Thomas

Assistant Professor of Public Health & Sociology, Franklin & Marshall College

James Bachmeier

Associate Professor of Sociology, Temple University

" "

Ayagah A. Bawah

Senior Lecturer, Regional Institute for Population Studies, University of Ghana

" "

Francesco Billari

Dean & Professor of Demography, Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management, Bocconi University

" "

David Bravo

Director, Center of Surveys and Longitudinal Studies, Universidad Católica de Chile

Kathleen Cagney

Director, Population Research Center, NORC & University of Chicago

" "

Virginia W. Chang

Interim Chair, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at NYU College of Global Public Health (CGPH), Associate Professor of Population Health at NYU School of Medicine, and Affiliated Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at NYU.

Ph.D., Sociology, University of Chicago, 2003
M.D., Medicine, University of Michigan Medical School, 1994

" "

Li-Wei Chao

Senior Fellow in the Population Studies Center

" "

Alberto Ciancio

Lecturer in Applied Economics, Department of Economics, University of Glasgow

Ph.D., Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 2017
M.A., Economics, University of Torino, 2011
B.Sc., Economics, University of Torino, 2008

" "

Daniel Aldana Cohen

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Director of the Socio-Spatial Climate Collaborative, or (SC)2, University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D., Sociology, New York University, 2016

" "

Flávio Cunha

Associate Professor of Economics, Rice University

Ph.D., Economics, University of Chicago, 2007

" "

Aureo De Paula

Professor, Department of Economics, University College London

Ph.D., Economics, Princeton University, 2006

" "

Kirk A. Dearden

Senior Advisor for Research and Quality Assurance, IMA World Health Tanzania


Adeline Delavande

Professor of Economics, University of Technology Sydney

Aline Desesquelles

Research Director, Institut National d’Etudes Démographiques

Ph.D., Demography, Université Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV, 1996


INED, 133 Bd Davout 75980 Paris cedex 20

INED page

" "

Kathryn Edin

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor in the Department of Sociology, Johns Hopkins University

Ph.D., Sociology, Northwestern University, 1991

" "

Raghav Gaiha

Visiting Scholar
Professor of Public Policy, University of Delhi (Retired)

Ph.D., Economics, University of Manchester, 1977


Marc A. Garcia

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Syracuse University

Kimberly Goyette

Professor of Sociology, Temple University

" "

Nick Graetz

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton University

" "

Aashish Gupta

Marie Curie Fellow, University of Oxford

Colin Hammar

Associate Director, Public Policy Lab, Temple University

" "

Kristen Harknett

Professor of Social Behavioral Sciences, UCSF

Stéphane Helleringer

Assistant Professor of Population, Family and Reproductive Health, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University


Stephanie Hernandez

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Drexel University


Asma Hyder

Professor and Dean, School of Economics and Social Sciences, Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, Pakistan


Elizabeth Jacobs

Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

" "

Fabrice Kämpfen

Assistant Professor, Economics, University College Dublin

Judith Levine

Associate Professor of Sociology, Temple University

" "

Xiaoying Liu

Research Economist, RTI Health Solution

" "

Subha Mani

Associate Professor of Economics, Fordham University

Ph.D., University of Southern California,  2008


Pekka Martikainen

Professor of Demography, Head of Population Research Unit, Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki

Ana Martinez-Donate

Professor of Community Health & Prevention, Drexel University

" "

Douglas Massey

Henry G. Bryant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, Princeton University

Ph.D., Sociology, Princeton University, 1978


Princeton University


Princeton faculty page

" "

Mikko Myrskylä

Executive Director of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
Professor of Social Statistics, University of Helsinki

Susan W. Parker

Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

" "

Luca Maria Pesando

Associate Professor of Social Research & Public Policy, New York University, Abu Dhabi

Ph.D., Demography & Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, 2018
M.A., Demography, University of Pennsylvania, 2016
M.Sc., Economics & Social Sciences, Bocconi University, 2012
B.A., Economics & Social Sciences,Bocconi University, 2010

" "

Rebecca Anna Schut

Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Health and the Social Sciences, University of Chicago

Ph.D, Demography and Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, 2022
M.A., Demography, University of Pennsylvania, 2019
B.A., Health and Societies, University of Pennsylvania, 2016

" "

Alex Shpenev


Senior Data Research Scientist, Center for Social Norms and Behavioral Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania

Ph.D., Demography & Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, 2017
M.A., Sociology & Demography, Higher School of Economics, 2013
B.A., Economics, Moscow State University, 2010

Rebbeca Tesfai

Associate Professor of Sociology, Temple University

MPH, Public Health-Health Management & Policy, University of Michigan School of Public Health, 2006
BA, Public Health Studies, Johns Hopkins University, 2004

" "

Kevin Ummel

Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center
President, Greenspace Analytics

M.S., Environmental Science, University of Manchester, 2011
B.A., Public Policy, Stanford University, 2006

" "

Claudia Valeggia

Professor of Anthropology, Yale University

Ph.D., Animal Behavior, University of California, Davis, 1996

" "

Natalie A. E. Young

Visiting Scholar
Survey Statistician, U.S. Census Bureau

Ph.D., Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, 2019
M.A., Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, 2016
B.A., Anthropology and Government, Dartmouth College, 2010