Kevin Ummel

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Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center
President, Greenspace Analytics

M.S., Environmental Science, University of Manchester, 2011
B.A., Public Policy, Stanford University, 2006

I am a data scientist and environmental economist whose expertise includes spatial microsimulation, machine learning and predictive modeling, and geospatial analysis. I previously worked on the Decent Living Energy Project as a Research Scholar at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). As a consultant to the Citizens' Climate Lobby, I authored a national Household Impact Study to quantify the effect of carbon tax policy on individual households and created a Carbon Fee and Dividend Calculator to disseminate results to the public. As a Senior Associate at the Center for Global Development, I published on high-resolution carbon footprinting, spatiotemporal optimization of renewable energy systems, and co-created the CARMA global power plant database.

Research Interests