The PSC provides organizational, infrastructure, and administrative support for the advancement of interdisciplinary research, and training associated with that research, to further the scientific objectives of the PSC.

The administrative staff supports the day-to-day activities of the PSC and it functions at two inter-related levels. It is the organizational conduit for scientific governance and inter-organizational interface with the university and faculty at a scientific and professional level. This includes communication among researchers, organization of collaborative projects, maintenance of support from the University and external resources, and recruitment of new program scientists.

The other level is the administrative activity that supports these processes, collects information from PSC researchers, shares information with them, supports the development and submission of grant applications, liaisons with University administrative, financial, and research support services, hosts scientific visitors and collaborators, allocates office space, and so on. The staff also supports the Colloquium organizer in managing the Fall and Spring Colloquium Series, and coordinates activities among the Administrative, Computing, Information Technology, Information Dissemination and Development Cores. In addition, the staff mentors graduate students in the development and submission of fellowship proposals for funding. 

Administrative services are available to PSC Research Associates, pilot project PI’s, and PSC sponsored post-doctoral fellows and visitors.