Damon Centola


  • Damon Centola (PSC Research Associate) wrote an Op-ed in The Philadelphia Inquirer about the push to recruit social media and other "influencers" to turn the tide on vaccination hesitancy. Centola points to five scientific principles to guide strategy on
    identifying key actors in creating social change. 

  • Damon Centola (PSC Research Associate) wrote an Op-ed for The Hill discussing vaccine hesitancy and utilizing research from his study in Nature Communications to influence public health behaviors.

  • Damon Centola (PSC Research Associate) and Douglas Guilbault co-authored a new study published in Nature Communications that introduced Complex Centrality, the first and only model for effectively predicting the mass spread of ‘complex contagions’, such as new innovations, ideas and behaviors. The study shows that the center of a network – where new ideas can be successfully seeded – doesn’t always lie with the most well-connected individuals/influencers, but rather depends upon a detectable support infrastructure that enables individuals to initiate the spread of new ideas. Watch the video above and read more in the Annenberg press release.

Professor, Annenberg School of Communication
Director of the Network Dynamics Group

Ph.D., Sociology, Cornell University, 2006


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