Visiting Scholars

The Population Studies Center (PSC) welcomes Visiting Scholars (Faculty, Postdocs, Research Staff, and Graduate Students) from other institutions, whether U.S. based or abroad, who are actively engaged in population studies research to work with researchers at our Center. We encourage applications from scholars in the greater Philadelphia region to collaborate with the Population Studies Center, a federally funded NIH research center. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Meet our current Visitors & Post-Doctoral Fellows.

Visiting Scholars come to the PSC for varying lengths of time depending on their goals and arrangements with PSC Associates. Visiting Scholars should have a sponsor—a PSC Research Associate—who will take responsibility for integrating the visitor into the social and intellectual life at Penn and the PSC. Requests to visit can be initiated by PSC Associates or external researchers. Each prospective Visiting Scholar should be in contact with their intended PSC sponsor. All requests will be evaluated by PSC leadership and decisions will be made in a timely fashion.

Visitor Scholars may be expected to:

  • Arrange for funding from their home universities or from outside grant or funding agencies.
  • Complete an entrance survey, exit survey, and depending on the length of your visit an interim survey updating us on your progress, goals, and accomplishments at the PSC.
  • Share accomplishments, presentations, publications or scientific products that result from your visit at the PSC and beyond.
  • Attend and participate in PSC Events and relevant events across campus.
  • Submit a Penn Population Studies Working Paper or Research Brief.
  • Present their research either at our Colloquium Series or as part of one of our Research Clusters.

The Population Studies Center will provide Visiting Scholars with office space, often shared with other researchers in the McNeil Building, as well as computer support during their tenure. For longer visits, a PennCard, PennKey, a computer account and access to the Penn Libraries can be arranged, as well as an official non-paid appointment at the University along with J-1 Visa assistance, if needed.

For questions about Visiting Scholars at the Population Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania, please contact Abigail Dolinger