Cohort Profile: The Migration and Health in Malawi (MHM) Study

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The Migration and Health in Malawi (MHM) Study focuses on a key challenge in migration research: although it has long been established that migration and health are closely linked, identifying the effect of migration on various health outcomes is complicated by methodological challenges. To address these challenges, the MHM Study was designed to measure or control for important characteristics that affect both migration and health outcomes. This approach is particularly well-suited for distinguishing between the effect of migration on health and the selection of individuals of differing health status into migration classes (migrant versus non-migrant). Data are available for two waves of MHM, which took place in 2007 and 2013, and include extensive information on migration history, socioeconomic and demographic characteristics, sexual behaviors, marriage, household/family structure, risk perceptions, social networks and social capital, intergenerational relations, HIV/AIDS and other dimensions of health. The MHM public use data can be requested by contacting the Principal Investigator (Philip Anglewicz,