The Information Management staff supports the research conducted by researchers at the Population Studies Center (PSC) and the Population Aging Research Center (PARC) and supports the administration of both centers. Staff maintains the PARC and PSC working papers series among others, websites, and provides consultation to Research Associates on research projects and website development. In addition, the staff manages the Demography Library, the online library catalog EOS, provides support to students in the Graduate Group in Demography, and coordinates services with Social Sciences Computing staff.

Reference & Research Services

  • Data requests and searching: Information Services staff assists researchers with locating data relevant to their research, including performing searches for data sets, variables and documentation.
  • Document acquisition and retrieval: We will locate, retrieve, and/or acquire reserach material for researchers via InternLibrary Loan, pick up from Penn Libraires, or purchase research material online for the Demography Library collection.
  • Literature Searching: Information Services staff perform electronic searches for literature on specific topics as well as in-depth literature searches to survey the literature on broad and interdisciplinary topics as requested.
  • Create bibliographies for researchers and grants: Information Services staff performs electronic searches for literature on specific topics as well as in-depth literature searches to survey the literature on broad and interdisciplinary topics as requested. Maintain bibliographic databases for researchers at the center for use with grant reporting and on the website.
  • Citation verification: We provide assistance with locating complete citations for items where there is missing bibliographic information.
  • Assistance with special research projects: We provide assistance with research projects and with locating research material, organizing information or documents, and other similar types of services. In some cases additional staff is required to carry out the work for the project and hiring a student worker may be needed.
  • Obtain and interpret journal guidelines and instructions: We'll locate the guidelines and instructions for submitting papers to various journals for researchers and assist with interpreting the rules for references.
  • Library services: Maintain the physical collection, the online catalog, and course reserves. Manage circulation, aquisitions, and the physical space.

Training & Instruction

  • Develop and Present Workshops: Information Services staff works with researchers to schedule appropriate workshops for the PSC and PARC community.
  • Bibliographic Instruction: We provide assistance on how to use, identify, and evaluate relevant electronic and print resources for individuals, small groups, and for courses. 
  • Develop Handouts, Guides and Links of Web Resources: As needed we will compile lists of resources useful for researchers. 
  • Help with Desktop Publishing Training and Troubleshooting: There are several common software programs that the Information Services staff uses frequently and we can provide minimal assistance with problems. We especially help with using the programs that we give workshops on.
  • Poster and Powerpoint presentation help: We assist researchers with Poster design, creating and manipulating information in Powerpoint and with obtaining graphics for use in presentations.

Dissemination Services

  • Create and Publish the Penn Population Studies Newsletter & Penn Population Studies Bulletin The newsletters contains information about PSC news and events, awards and new information to share with a board audience of constituents. The Bulletin is aimed at an internal audience and contains lists of events relevant to the PSC community including colloquiua, conferences, services, funding, emploment and other resources.
  • Design, manage, and maintain the PSC/PARC/GGD Websites: Please email us with updates or information to post at:
  • Design, Create and Produce Brochures: These services are limited to PS Research Associate research projects and special events.
  • Provide research project website consultation: Please contact the Information Services staff for more information.
  • Manage the PSC/PARC Working Paper Series housed in the ScholarlyCommons@Penn: 

Demography Library

  • We've retained a small portion of our once very large Demography Library collection of relevant volumes in population studies, demography, and methods, books by our research associates, and books on statistical methods and statistical programming. The Demography Library Catalog contains a record of our holidngs including items we've recently deaccessioned, it is in the process of being updated. 
  • Please email the Information Services Staff at or telephone at 215-898-5375 for assistance with literature searching, submitting a working paper, sharing news and events for dissemination on the website, in the newsletter, or on social media. Nykia M. Perez Kibler is the Director of Information Management & Laura VanDruff is the Scholarly Communications & Information Coordinator.